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I used to run a business in Sydney Australia. I grew it from a start up to a team of 25, turning over $300k each month.  I did this in under 2 years.  The problem was, i was stressed and unhappy.  I needed to generate close to $200k every month just to cover costs.  The model was wrong.  So I sold.  I then spent the next 6 years studying Business Models.  i want to crack a 4 hour work week model, where I could get my business working around my life and not my life around my business.  In 2010 I cracked it.  I found the perfect model.  I built a startegic plan for this business (including with this training), and went to work.  14 months later, this business was generating $80k a month with a net profit of $40k+ every month.  It runs with less than 3 team members and its extremely scalable. I get to make an  enormous difference in the lives of others and I can scale it internationally. I work from home and I just took 3 months off.  The model is the SINGLE MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IDEA I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS FROM 14 YEARS OF BUSINESS. This caused me to want to teach and share it with others.  I one of those people that when i figure something out - I want everyone else to know about it. That’s why I’ve packaged my strategic plan, 4 videos including a  case study of how Sam applied the exact model to his business and added over $500k to his bottom line in 12 months.I am making this available for free. Just use the form above to tell me where to send it, and it’s yours. Enjoy!